Notice on Target Allocation 20.06.2017

NOTICE Dear Training Providers, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) aims to impart fresh training to youths under Short Term Training and certify skills of people, under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), who have acquired them non-formally. The Short Term Training is being implemented centrally as well as through states under Centrally Sponsored Centrally Managed (CSCM) and Centrally Sponsored State Managed (CSSM) components respectively. In order to ensure universal coverage, the scheme target is distributed geographically with an annual target of 8,88,750 candidates under short term training of CSCM component as detailed in the Annexure 1 of Guidelines for State Engagement under PMKVY (2016-2020). We are delighted that all of you have shown an interest in developing and building a skilled work force in
India through submission of Centre Accreditation Application Form (CAAF) on SMART portal. Also, every accredited & affiliated centre, as expressed during walk-ins and through emails, expect target allocation under PMKVY (2016-2020). However, with reference to para 9(d) and para 9.2(c) of Chapter 1 of Guidelines for Accreditation, Affiliation and Continuous Monitoring of Training Centres for the Skill Ecosystem, Accreditation and Affiliation of a TC does not guarantee target allocation under Government skill development schemes including PMKVY. However, as has been communicated by many of the Training Providers through emails and walk-ins, every Accredited and Affiliated centre is expecting target allocation under PMKVY (2016-2020). In order to ensure sector and geographical coverage as stated in Annexure 1: Target Allocation Methodology of PMKVY Guidelines (2016-2020), an analysis has been conducted and it is observed that the skill trainings imparted are highly focused in certain states, districts, sectors or job roles. The top 3 states in terms of target allocation account for about 37% of the total target allocation and the top 5 sectors in terms of target allocation account for about 48% of the total target allocation. In larger public interest, it is important that training centres are distributed across the country such that training and employment opportunities are generated across geographies. In addition, a review is being conducted towards a demand driven model to ensure that trained workforce is not unemployed due to effect of uneven distribution of training being imparted in various sectors and geographies. In addition, based on the monitoring visits, it has been observed that 46% of franchise centres are not in compliance with PMKVY (2016-2020) guidelines and the accreditation guidelines even though these centres were recommended during planned inspection; this may lead to poor quality of training; diluting the key objective of the scheme. Further, as per section 1.5 of Chapter 1 of PMKVY Guidelines (2016-2020), first level of franchising is permitted under PMKVY but franchising arrangements would be discouraged and would be given lower priority and it is planned to gradually phase out franchisee arrangements. In view of the above, a policy decision was taken that the target allocation under short term training of CSCM component of PMKVY (2016-2020) to the following categories of centres have been temporarily put on hold and might be revised based on further review and analysis. This temporary hold on target allocation is to analyse and understand the key issues/concerns/leakages currently present in the system which has resulted in the non-compliance of the accredited and affiliated centres. However, target allocation would continue in states and sectors other than the ones listed below:  All the Franchise Centres  Centres located in following states: o Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan  Centres desirous of imparting training in following sectors: o Apparel, Electronics, IT-ITeS, BFSI and Telecom Final decision on way forward for states /sectors etc. where target allocation is on hold is expected before the end of June 2017.

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